These guidelines are endorsed and and adopted by the owners and staff of Rollway Resort to help educate their customers for a more enjoyable and safe watersport experience.  Risks to the customer could include  variables such as weather conditions, poor judgment, acts of God, and use of alcohol or lack of common sense.

Please consider that these guidelines are meant to ensure the safety of our customers, the public, and wildlife.

Essential Eligibility Requirements

  • THOMPSON’S LANDING ACCESS:  The ability to ascend or descend a flight of stairs with a rise of 65 feet - independently or with the assistance of a companion (staff member/counslor/etc.) with our belongings.
  • ROLLWAY ACCESS: The ability to ascend or descend a flight of stairs with a rise of  165 feet - independently or with the assistance of a companion (staff member/counslor/etc.) with our belongings.
  • ENTERING AND EXITING:  Ability to enter or exit a canoe independently or with assistance of a companion.
  • SEATING:  The ability to remain seated and balanced, using adaptive or supportive equipment if necessary.
  • PADDLING A CANOE:  At least one person in the canoe must have the ability to move it through the water in a stable manner and guide it to the exit access site.
  • SAFETY:  In event of a capsize, the canoeist must have:
    • The ability to get out from under the watercraft independently.
    • The ability to right oneself and remain face up in the water with the aid of a personal flotation device (PFD)


  • No Open beverages allowed in vehicles.
  • Refrain from horseplay, profanity, and obscenities for safety and respect of all aboard vehicle.
  • No. smoking in vehicles.
  • Keep cooler sizes to a minimum.
  • Only single person tubes allowed for transport.
  • We do not recommend taking dogs on a river trip, but if you wish to, please let us know so we can make transportation arrangements.
  • Violation of these rules will result in a ride back to your vehicle with forfeiture of rental fees and/or deposits, and in instances of unruly or disorderly conduct, no ride at all.

Safety and Environmental Concerns

  • No diving from docks, riverbanks, craft or bridges.
  • No glass bottles, Styrofoam coolers, water balloons or launchers.
  • Watch out for children at all times, know where they are and what they are doing.
  • Non-swimmers and children under 6 years or younger must wear a life jacket at all times.
  • Do not stand in canoes or kayaks.  Keep center of gravity as low as possible ; don't grab a low hanging branches or obstacles over the water to avoid capsizing your craft.
  • Use paddles for paddling only; not for splashing or as a drumstick on the bottom of the canoe.
  • If you accidentally overturn, always stay upstream from the craft to avoid being pinned by logs and or river debris.
  • Riverbanks, launches, and landings can be slippery.
  • Do not ram canoes or kayaks into each other - damage to to person or craft may result.
  • Do not take valuables on the river.  Lock them in your car.  We will secure you car keys for you.
  • Wear tennis shoes or water shoes while on the river.
  • No climbing or sliding from embankments.
  • Linking canoes and kayaks together is a hazard.
  • Intentional tipping of canoe or kayak is prohibited.
  • No cutting or chopping trees or vegetation
  • Do not litter - littering fines up to $400.00.

River Hours

  • River hours are from 8:00 AM from Alcona and 10:00 AM from Thompson’s Landing. 
  • Please plan your trip accordingly and give you group extra time  to complete the trip. 
  • All watercraft have to be off the river by 6:00 PM. 
  • A fee of $50.00 per watercraft per hour will be charged after 6:00 PM.


  • It is unlawful to operate a watercraft in the State of Michigan while intoxicated.
  • Possession of alcohol by minors is illegal.


  • You are responsible for your own actions at all times.
  • Please refrain from rowdiness, disturbing others, and profanity.
  • If you meet a fisherman along the way, let him/her know that you are near and give a wide berth and pass without disturbance.

Thank you, be safe, and have a great time!!


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